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Unique Tie Dye Screenprint Prototype T-Shirt

Vintage Hanoi T-Shirt New Releases!

Today we’re selling: “THE PAST” 🪄😉 This unique piece looks so much older then it is, thanks to my special tie dyeing technique and the fact that Time spins faster when you’re circulating around a black hole. HANOI drawn in the street and printed and overprinted and forgotten and washed out

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Vietnam Story

Big HANOI Poster story

“Freedom, Danger, Growth.”HANOI, 2016 detailed and hand drawn black/white city print.

I went to Asia to find a nice and warm place for living and production. Originally i didn’t want to stay in Germany for ever. So my first stop was Hanoi where i spent a hot and wet August due to rain season. Ahh, fuck i loved this capital city of Vietnam. Everything’s crazy and no rules no where, just urban beauty and fridges are being carried on scooters and… i was carried away, you have to see for yourself! The original is drawn using fountain pen and china ink on transparent polyester during a whole month of exploration.

PARIS – Illusion Poster A3


Paris Illusion poster drawing black and white

Size: wA3, 420 x 297mm
Print: high quality rich black printed ink
Paper: heavy semigloss 300g/m2